Why Raw Food?

If you are new to the raw food diet, you may be wondering why raw foods are getting so much attention anyway?

There are many reasons why people choose to live the raw food lifestyle. If you would like to wake up early in the morning completely refreshed instead of desiring to throw your alarm clock across the room, you may like raw foods. If you would like to lose weight, be happy everyday, and have the energy to finally carry out your life's desires or the mental clarity to figure out your life's desires, you might like the raw way of life. If you suffer from any one of the many diseases of modern man including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, or obesity and would like relief, then raw foods are for you.

And this is only the beginning! People switch to raw foods to increase their spiritual lives, creativity, and ability to focus on work. They do it to clear up skin issues like acne and cellulite, and finally get the confidence to talk to other people. Some even use raw foods to help them get rid of unhealthy addictions like alcohol and ciggarettes.

Some people choose to go raw as one of the best ways to live in harmony with our planet instead of constantly abusing her resources at every meal.

Why I Chose Raw

My choice to go raw was because I was searching for the healthiest lifestyle possible for me and my growing family. I was a new mother of a three month old son and trying to give him the best life I knew of. This search led me to raw foods.

After the initial decision was made based on trying to be as healthy as possible, other reasons kept me coming back for more. As a new mom, I had some extra weight still left over from the pregnancy. That lasted barely a week on this diet. I was back in all of my old clothes and ended up weighing less than when I first became pregnant.

The next major advantage was how much more energy I had. I remember telling some moms I used to meet up with that I didn't think I could have kept up with Jayden (my son) if I wasn't raw - that extra energy let me be a better mom. Plus, I was alot happier during the day, so it helped me be a better fiance (heck a better person all the way around).

Why Does it Work?

A healthy raw food diet helps to bring your level of health, energy, and clarity up like this because it is the foods our bodies were designed to eat. Sure we can get by on a diet filled with animal foods and cooked carcinogens for some time. But who really wants to just get by? I want to live the way we were meant to... full of life, happiness, strength, and energy. I want to be motivated every day to get up and discover what it means to always have a better day than yesterday.

Raw foods also have a much higher nutritional profile than their cooked counterparts. There is no getting around the fact that cooking destroys or makes your food much less than what it was before it was heated. Cooking severely degrades vitamin and mineral content and completely destroys the phytonutrients and enzymes in foods.

If you have a great story about the changes you experienced after going raw, please share it here!

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