Spiritual Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Probably the least well-known advantage to being on a raw food diet is the spiritual benefits you can experience. While eating this way doesn't guarantee our Enlightenment, or union with God, it is one of the many pieces that, when integrated into our lives, helps us to live rightly - or in a way that brings us into alignment with God.



Just like a consistent meditation/prayer routine helps develop a spiritual relationship, so does choosing to eat in a way that is loving and supportive of His creations. Eating a raw food diet is choosing to allow the animals of this planet to lead long and happy lives, it is choosing to treat Earth's soil with respect by eating organically, it is also choosing to help the starving nations around the globe by not taking their precious resources for cattle ranching to feed only a few meat-hungry nations.

There is a reason that gluttony is one of the seven sins, yet Americans (and increasingly other wealthy nations) have made eating richly and over-abundantly a common three times a day practice. It has become so common-place that I wonder if the majority even know the definition of the word glutton.

Eating a raw food diet, however, is by its very nature a calorie-restrictive diet - the exact opposite of gluttony. Even if you have become accustomed to over-eating, raw foods can help heal this addiction by truly nourishing your body with every bite. As your body learns that it can expect all the nutrition it needs from your meals, it will learn to eat less without you even trying.

By eating this way, you are respecting our mother Earth, God's creation, and that does not go unrewarded. I have had moments since being mostly raw where I have felt completely connected to everything I could see. These moments always come with an amazing feeling of being completely full of love, to the point where i feel like this strong emotion could burst out of my chest... and are always some of the most spiritual experiences I have had in my life.

Another thing I experience on a more regular basis now is noticing how beautiful everything is around me. The world has definitely taken on a more magical sense and I can get caught up in the delicious smells of the bushes I pass on morning jogs or the vibrant colors of simple desert flowers. This may not seem like a spiritual experience to everyone, but it helps to remind me that He is everywhere and in all things.

Oftentimes, I feel like my body is buzzing - almost like an energetic pulse throughout my entire being. I know this is the pulse that runs through all things, and it makes me feel very connected.

I was thinking the other night as I was falling asleep that maybe these things occur more often while eating raw because you can finally stop focusing so much attention on your body. How much of your day do you think you spend (in your head) complaining about a certain ache or pain, feeling too tired, worrying about a sickness - whether real or imagined? Or maybe you are always concerned about how you look; you weigh more than you would like, your stomach isn't flat like you wish, your skin is always erupting, or you feel like you look like you are aging.

Because eating a raw food diet is so cleansing and nutritionally supportive, it helps to get rid of all of these worries. As the junk cleans out of your system, you look better, move better, have more energy, and feel amazing. This frees up lot of time and emotion that used to be spent fretting over your body.

This new space in your life will feel odd until you fill it with what was missing anyway - a relationship with God and the interconnectedness of all that is.

I know spirituality is different for everyone (as most things are) so I do not expect you to have the exact same feelings I do if you choose to go raw. However, there is something at work that I do not understand which allows more of these types of experiences in once you clear out the debris.

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