Sleep with the Window Open for Better Health!

One other tool I use for better health is to sleep with the window open at night.

Nighttime is when our bodies are able to go to work unwinding and detoxifying from our busy days. We shouldn't be digesting any foods and our muscles are resting, therefore all the bodies energy can go to healing and pushing out toxins.

One of the main ways that we help get rid of these toxins is through respiration. If you have your window closed at night that means that you are breathing out toxic air and filling the room with it. If you sleep with the window open, fresh air is circulating throughout your room and you will be breathing this in instead of just recycling your own breath.

Why Fresh Air Helps us Detox

Fresh air is full of oxygen which helps us detoxify in a couple of different ways.

Oxygen creates more white blood cells in our bodies and is needed in abundancefor them to function properly, which helps us to get rid of old junk and diseased cells (usually full of toxins). It also helps us absorb more vitamins and other nutrients, which supports our bodies in its detox efforts.

Oxygen also reacts chemically with almost any other element, including bacteria, viruses, and toxins, allowing them to be cleansed from the system. It is also knownto speed up growth and recovery.

But if you are lying in bed without the window open, the amount of oxygen in the room slowly diminishes. Give your body every chance you can to help it heal and detoxify... sleep with a window open!

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