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Raising your toddler as an all raw or mostly raw toddler can be quite simple and wonderfully rewarding! I have raised my oldest son on a very high raw diet and he is doing absolutely great on it. My youngest is only 11 months and is still mostly on only breast milk, but the solid foods he does get are raw and I will probably raise him 100% raw when the time comes. I was still learning when my oldest was a baby so he was started on cooked baby foods then transitioned onto more raw foods as he grew older.

The Challenges

I realize that there can be some difficult issues for some parents who would like to change their toddler’s diet, probably the most difficult one being overcoming the fears of others. Most people are not accustomed to the idea of humans thriving on a diet without meat and dairy, let alone any cooked food at all! This can make it tough if one of these individuals also happens to be very close to your soon-to-be raw toddler. Maybe they are even your spouse.

My husband was a little bit like this when I first wanted Jayden, my oldest son, to start eating a raw food diet. He was concerned mostly about protein so we worked together on his diet. I incorporated more and more raw foods into his diet and my husband was ok with it as long as I was making sure to add in protein-rich foods too. This meant that some of the time Jayden was still eating foods with tofu or beans, but I was happy because the majority of his diet was coming from raw foods.

Slowly, as Jayden grew and was apparently a very healthy and happy raw toddler, my husband’s apprehensions about this diet grew less and less. I think that this is a great way to handle opposition. Try to listen to the fears of the person(s) who don’t agree with your decision and decide on a middle ground that you can start from. With my husband, it was mostly the protein issue so I kept some vegan protein-rich sources in my toddler’s diet. Then, as the person sees that your toddler is thriving even better with more raw foods added into their diet, they will be more and more on your side.

Another challenge that parents can face after deciding they want to raise their toddler on a raw diet is how to transition their child away from the cooked foods. Do you do it all at once or try to go slowly? What if the toddler doesn’t eat the new foods?

I think that as a parent you should keep in mind your own transition to the raw food diet. Although it is possible to transition to 100% overnight, there are not too many people who actually do this. Just like you should be understanding of yourself and where you are along your path, you should be gentle with your raw toddler’s transition as well.

The best way to start their transition is by first letting them see all the delicious raw foods you are eating and be vocal about how delicious they are and how great they make you feel. You don’t have to go overboard but make sure you express that they are good and make you feel good too. Toddlers love to imitate and will surely be asking for some of what Mommy and Daddy are eating before too long!

The best foods to begin adding into your toddler’s diet are fresh fruits, and lucky for you this one is usually really easy. There is not too many humans, but especially not many toddlers who don’t relish fresh ripe fruit! You can serve it in little bite-sized pieces, with some delicious raw dipping sauce, or in a fresh fruit smoothie. Smoothies are also great for adding in some green vegetables, since toddlers usually don’t like eating green salads too much.

If your toddler eats fruit all day long with some green smoothies added in, you can be certain they are getting all they need to grow healthy and be happy.

The Benefits

If you successfully raise a raw toddler, you will be giving them superior nutrition. This alone has some far-reaching benefits like improving the way they grow and develop, think, feel, and relate to others.

You will be teaching your raw toddler exactly how we were designed to eat and keeping them away from addictive patterns. Don't you wish you were raised on only healthy foods? I certainly do! Then I wouldn't be dealing with my food addictions these days!

Another benefit to raising a raw toddler is just how simple it is! No more spending hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, not to mention the stress of trying to figure out what to fix for meals. Just keep an abundance of fresh fruit, greens, and some other fresh veggies on hand and all you have to do is peel, chop and eat!

My Raw Toddler

My oldest son, Jayden, has been eating a very high raw diet since he was around 1 years old. He is now almost 3 and is growing normally and developing above average. Everyone always comments on how well behaved and happy my boys are. I think this is the normal attitude of children when they aren’t under the influence of all the additives, fats, and sugars that are so prevalent in our children’s diets today.

We have a nanny part of the week to allow me time for my coaching business. She also works part time for another family and has said to me before that I must be doing something right because the boys are never sick. The pediatrician for the other family she works with said it is normal for a child to get sick 6 times a year! I think this is only normal because all of our children are eating a “normal” standard American diet full of sugars, chemicals, and fats but seriously low in nutrition.

He is always being goofy, laughing, and smiling.

He loves to play sports with Daddy as much as possible and also really likes art and music. He concentrates so hard when creating one of his masterpieces. :)

Jayden's Diet

Everyday Jayden has somewhere between 4 and 8 cups of smoothie. He is constantly carrying around a cup full of smoothie – either all fruits or fruits and greens. If he wants something to eat, we oftentimes just rinse off a bag of grapes, or berries, or cut up some clementines and all sit down and share them.

To make it interesting for him, I like to make some dips to have on hand. He will eat anything as long as he can “dip it”. Some good choices are fresh guacamole, raw hummus, salsa, and almond yogurt.

I do still give him both manna bread and ezekial bread. He loves ezekial bread spread with hummus and sliced cherry tomatoes on top. He loves his manna bread with almond butter and bananas or berries and almond yogurt. He sometimes enjoys a bowl of raw cereal with almond milk and loves to snack on dates with me.

If you have a younger toddler, some good options are chopped bananas with either almond yogurt, raw almond butter, or even sprinkled with some coconut flakes.

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