Your New Raw Food Kitchen

Changing over my kitchen to a raw food kitchen was a lot of fun for me when I changed my diet. There were so many new and exciting gadgets, foods, and recipes – it became a new form of art for me! However, you may not feel the same excitement as me when it comes to completely overhauling any section of your life – including your kitchen. So here is a primer on the most important things to change to make sure you have a successful transition.

1. The Food

Of course when you transition over to this way of eating, the foods you keep on hand are going to change. One of the first major changes I made was to start keeping a huge bowl of fresh fruits on the counter so it is the first thing you see as you enter the kitchen. I make sure there is always a good variety and different colors so that I can be tempted with this food group first. Plus, you can keep a close eye on what is ripening too fast and needs to be eaten instead of wasting it just because it was out of sight.

I also keep a good variety of fruits and vegetables in my fridge. Greens that I use for smoothies and fruits that need to stay cold are on the top shelf, salad supplies are on the second shelf, and already prepared foods, soaked nuts/seeds, or awkwardly shaped/large fruits, veggies, or greens are on the bottom shelf.

The crisper drawers are saved for my juicing supplies. These are always stocked with carrots, celery, cucumbers, lemons, and ginger... at least.

I also keep my pantry well stocked of the necessary raw foods to make delicious raw meals and desserts.

It is a good idea to check out the Seasonal Availability of your favorite fruits to get the tastiest fruit at the cheapest possible price!

2. The Gadgets

When you don’t cook anymore, it is pretty interesting to take a look around your kitchen and realize how much extra space you now have. No more need for a microwave, oven, or stove. You don’t really need the mixer, toaster, or whatever else you are accustomed to keeping on your counters. But don’t despair! There are plenty of fun raw gadgets to fill up your newly cleaned out space if you so choose!

Probably the most important item you can buy for your new raw food kitchen (besides a really good knife and chopping block) is a high speed blender. This piece of equipment alone gets used 3 or more times a day in my house! (Usually double that!) We drink A LOT of smoothies! Plus, they are great for raw soups, dressings, etc.

Next, I would suggest finding a food processor that you like with a large holding capacity. These are wonderful for chopping up salad veggies in no time, making nut butters, pates, etc. If you want to be creative with your raw food diet, this and the dehydrator are two important pieces to get. The dehydrator is great for breads, crackers, granolas, and anything else you want that “cooked” texture for without the depletion of life, enzymes, and nutrients.

I also really enjoy juicing so an easy to use and clean juicer is a must in my raw food kitchen. Other honorable mentions are an ice cream maker, a spiral veggie slicer, and a mandolin slicer.

The Books

One other item that is worth mentioning is your cookbooks. Well, now your not-so-cook books. More like prepare books. There is a really great selection of raw food recipe books out there, it is definitely worth checking some of them out especially when you first start this new diet.

One of the best parts of making any big change in your life is all the new experiences that come up because of the change. So take this chance to fully engage yourself in all the new foods and recipes, and you will be a raw food expert in no time! Enjoy your new raw food kitchen!

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