Low-Fat Trial of Raw Food Diet

Since I am always reading and desiring to learn more about health and nutrition, it is inevitable that there are parts of my diet or lifestyle that change over time. I do not eat even close to the same diet as I did this time last year, although I felt my diet was healthy then too.

I happened accross the idea of the low-fat version of the raw food diet recently. After reading up more on it, me and my fiance have decided to give it a shot. The reason for me is mainly because it reminded me of why I wanted to go raw in the first place... simplicity! Unfortunately, in my attempt to make my diet more interesting and to ensure I was getting adequate nutrition, I began to spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing many different dehydrated goodies. I actually enjoy creating delicious dishes but I don't have a lot of time these days with a toddler and a two month old.

Plus, there are a couple of health-related issues that have been nagging at me a little. I don't have anything major going on, but some excess weight is taking much longer than I expected to come off and my skin isn't clear like it was the very first time I went raw. Also, the desire for as much energy and great health as is possible for a human being is always a driving force behind finding the very best diet and lifestyle for myself, my family, and hopefully for you too!

The main changes we will be making is to cut out almost all of our high-fat foods, trying to keep our fat below 15% and hopefully closer to 10% of our calories. This means we will be eating a lot of fruit throughout the day to maintain adequate calorie consumption.

Depending on the results of our trial, you will see some small changes made in the website to reflect this new knowledge!


So I tried this low-fat version of the raw food diet... and only lasted four days!! Ouch - just reading that makes me feel like I should have done more! But let me tell you, this was a true test of my will power - a test I obviously didn't win! :)

For the four days I was on the diet, I felt really amazing. Alot of changes happened right after the first day and only kept getting better right through to the fourth day when I allowed myself to stop the diet. There was a few notable changes, but the one that stood out to me the most was how much more I could BREATHE! My lungs were so open and I could take in such a full, deep breath it really surprised me. This helped a ton on my morning runs. I have always had issues running long distance because I didn't feel like I could breathe enough through it. Even as short as a mile felt like too much for my lungs. But on the fourth morning of this diet I ran much further than I ever had before and didn't have any trouble breathing at all. I was so happy when I got back home!

Other changes were that I lost the little bit of weight that I had been still carrying around my stomach, and even though I have not been low-fat raw now for a while I have not gained any of it back. I also had amazing energy and was in an even better mood through the day - if you could imagine that!

So why did I quit? I'm actually wondering that myself as I type this, remembering how great I was feeling and all that seemed to open up in those four days. But truthfully, it was really HARD for me to eat this way for those four days. I love fruit and can eat it almost all day long, in fact I usually eat a lot of fruit as it is. But it truly gets old when you feel like that is all you get to eat.

I definitely want to return to this way of eating at some point as I just don't feel like I was quite ready for this style just yet. Even though I know it's just not for me right now, I still value pushing myself to try it every now and then because it forces me out of my comfort zone and back into a growth period.

After eating this way for four days, I went on a huge binge of some really bad foods. But that didn't last long, and afterwards my normal raw diet seemed very abundant and hardly restrictive. Plus, it's just good to push your self-discipline every now and then to keep you on your toes. I am already looking forward to the next time knowing it will be easier for me than the first trial.

If you have had some experience eating this way, let me know in the comments below! I would love any input and/or insights!

New Video Update!

Now I Eat Low Fat High Raw All the Time!

I have made many different progressions with my diet, even since that video update. Always I feel like I am learning more and more about what my body truly wants and what foods make it feel the best.

I experimented a lot with eating more low fat vegan cooked foods, and found that I could eat some cooked foods without causing much of a drop in my energy nor an increase in my weight.

Being able to eat some cooked foods really opened this diet up for me more. Now I can go out to eat easier, go to friends' homes to eat easier, and just generally enjoy the lifestyle more. It feels more relaxed and I get to be more creative at dinner time.

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