80/10/10: The Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

I can still hear my sister's voice on the phone after I had just told her I was on the Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet.

“You are on a diet within a diet?” she laughed. Yes, it does seem rather radical when you first hear about this diet, even for raw foodies. Only eating fresh, whole, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables with very miniscule amounts of healthy overt raw fats (if any at all) can be intimidating when you are used to eating a completely different way. But if you take a peek at the reasoning behind this “diet within a diet”, you will see for yourself just how much it really makes sense.

Why Choose Low Fat Raw Vegan?

I believe that the Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet is the way we were designed to eat. Douglas Graham in his book “The 80/10/10 Diet”, gives a lot of strong evidence to this idea. One thing he mentioned hit home for me. He said that all creatures are born with what they need to obtain their perfect foods. If you were out in nature with no tools of modern man, what do you think that you would eat?

I wouldn't be killing any animals, or attempting to milk wild creatures. Seeds, nuts, and grains would all be difficult to collect in amounts that would satisfy or even be tasty if I could gather enough of them. I probably would not go digging in the ground for things like carrots and potatoes because hanging right in front of my face would be brightly colored, sweet smelling fruit – tempting me to take a bite. If you would like more in depth reasoning of why this is the foods we were designed for, check out Dr. Graham's book – you'll love it!

Not only is the low fat raw vegan diet how I think we are meant to eat, but you will want to eat this way when you see how EASY it is! No more worrying about what you are going to fix for dinner and spending all that time in the kitchen. Now you can just peel and eat fruits, or make a huge green smoothie to enjoy all day. You will find you have saved yourself so much time after making this switch.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of the Low Fat Raw Vegan diet. If you have read more of my site, you will be quite familiar with a few of them because even changing to a high-fat raw vegan diet will give you some of the same benefits as the low fat version. However, the low fat way is far better, as you will soon see.


  • 1. Easy, Healthy Weight-loss. I eat more calories now on the low fat raw vegan diet than I did when I ate cooked food and I still have lost weight. Fresh ripe fruit is the perfect food for your body. It knows what to do with every piece of it, so nothing is stored as a toxic byproduct in your fat cells. Also, the complete elimination of salt and spices from your diet helps the body finally release all of its excess water and fat.

    This “diet” is an eat-all-you-can scrumptious buffet so you never have to go hungry or starve yourself to lose weight. In fact, you may have to train your body to take in more food than you are used to now because fruits and vegetables have far fewer calories per bite than other foods.

  • 2. Increased Energy. Your body runs on simple sugars. It needs them to stay alert and active. All foods you eat go through a process in which they are broken down into simple sugars to be used as fuel for your body. Fresh, ripe, raw fruits need hardly any digestion at all – some of their sugars begin getting absorbed while still in your mouth. This means that if you are eating a diet predominated by fruit (like the low fat raw vegan diet), you will be saving yourself a lot of energy by not eating the other, hard to digest foods.
  • 3. Optimal Nutrition. When you cook foods, you always have an immediate loss of nutrients. Eating your fruits and veggies whole and raw ensures that you are getting the perfect amount of nutrients for your body.
  • 4. Detoxification. If you are eating a cooked food diet, you are putting your body through undue stress three times a day. It has to work very hard to rid itself of the accumulating toxic load accrued from the residues of your cooked foods. Once you start eating the low fat raw vegan diet, your detox organs – the liver and kidneys – are free to do the work of making, and keeping you healthy. Also, this diet makes for optimal elimination so you will not have accumulated “junk in your trunk”, which gets reabsorbed and circulated back through your body.
  • 5. Optimal Health. As you continue with this diet, your body immediately begins working toward it's desired state of health and balance. Your illnesses (like colds, flus, diabetes, etc.) begin to fade into the distance and for the first time you will experience what it is like to have optimal health and vitality. You will feel like you take much deeper breaths than before. Your sleep will improve as well as your skin.
  • 6. Greater Oxygenation of Cells. This fact alone brings with it some really great benefits including heightened mental clarity and increased athleticism. When your body is clean, your cells transport and use oxygen much more efficiently. This gives you a markedly increased endurance when doing something active, both physical and mental.
  • What Do You Eat?

    I know I have said that when you eat the Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet, you only eat fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables (preferably organic). But even knowing that, you may still be asking “What the heck do you eat?” So if you are still a bit confused about the daily intake required to follow this diet, I thought I would give you a peek at what one of my days looks like right now. Keep in mind, I have only been following this diet a short while and plan to make some adjustments in the future.

    I always drink a quart of water when I wake up, then I have...

    Breakfast: Usually a ten (or more) really ripe banana smoothie [10 bananas, 1 cup water: blended]

    Lunch: Another smoothie, but this time usually with mixed fruits and dates, [example: 5 bananas, 1.5 cups strawberries, 8 dates, 1 cup water: blended] or sometimes I make a green smoothie [8 bananas, 1 head romaine lettuce, 1 cup water: blended]

    Dinner: Veggie/Date Wrap [stay tuned for the how-to video I am making for this]

    Snacks: If I get hungry in between meals, I love snacking on fruits that I don't normally include in meals, like apples, peaches, kiwis, pineapple, etc. This keeps it interesting for me.

    It is always best to eat the fruit that is in season. This way you get the tastiest fruit at the best price!

    Need more reassurance that you can eat all different kinds of foods on a low fat diet? Check out this low fat diet foods list.

    The Proof is in the [Raw Banana] Pudding

    You really need to try out the low fat raw vegan diet to discover for yourself what lies waiting for you on the other side. Just make sure you eat enough fruit to fill your caloric needs. This takes some practice, so you may want to put your daily intake into a website that can track generally how many calories you are taking in. You can get very skinny very quick if you are under-eating, and you won't feel optimal.

    One of the ways you can learn more about this new lifestyle is by checking out some low fat raw vegan blogs. I list 3 of my top favs here! low fat raw vegan blogs . I list 3 of my top favs at that link!

    Want to get started on this diet? How about 2 months of menu plans, grocery lists, and recipes?

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    I designed this program with busy moms in mind, but it is a great tool for any person who is looking to lose weight and get healthy in a way that won't take up hours out of their day.

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